About Us

About Us

Rijnconsult has been in existence for 35 years and is a specialized Management Consultancy firm in the area of Lean management, Leadership and Chains & Network organizations. We have secured a very strong foothold in the Dutch market and have an excellent network with all major industries in our country.

Allied Consultants Europe

We are an active member of Allied Consultants Europe (ACE) which is a European strategic partnership of strategy, organisation, change and business performance consultancies that have been working together - as one - since 1992. ACE partners are privately-run companies, with all the founders/owners still engaged in daily business activities and client management. Our winning combination of local know-how and international orientation, and a proven track record in change management through and with people, sets us apart. All ACE  partners are experts in their countries, truly understanding different business cultures and industries, which allows them to enjoy long lasting client relationships. This combined in-depth knowledge helps us to successfully run our international projects for many global companies. Our partners' international vision and ambition to mix this regional expertise within ACE makes our network unique. Today, ACE comprises more than 700 consultants in 15 different European countries. For more information, please visit the website: www.alliedconsultantseurope.com.


Our track record shows involvement with the major players in all kinds of industries and government organisations. Our experience and expertise in collaboration within public private partnerships is well appreciated on an international level. Besides we are very well equipped to improve the organisation of local governments, management of banks, supply chain management in agrifood and management development for multinational firms. For more information on our experience, please consult our cases on this site.


Our core business is to implement strategies. We do this by combining management consultancy, temporary management and staff development. Depending on our client’s needs we offer one or more of these services. In our consultancy activities we are at our best in areas such as process based management/leanmanagement, supply chain management, strategy development and leadership & HRM. Our “interim-managers” (turn-around managers) are usually general managers with vast experience in many areas. Our activities in the field of staff development include assessments for managers, psychological tests, training activities (including consultancy skills for non-consultants), designing and facilitating management development programs.